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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  December 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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know dupont is a fixture for over 200 years in this community, for many the news of the layoffs heart breaking. >> it's news that has the community rattled. dupont announced a cut of 1700 jobs from their home state by march. >> at least keep some of the jobs here and not destroy lives. >> it's a huge blow to the economy as 20% of the delaware workforce must now look for new jobs, a company that has been around for 200 years in the state, many are surprised. >> i know a couple of people that work for dupont and they kind of said they were actually worrying about it and this is horrible to hear about it. >> they say it's cost production efforts and their merge with dow chemical that should take place next year, the company ceo september this memo announcing the cuts and says it's a
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difficult decision and will honor all the employees by offering compensation packages and allowances. >> i will monitor this closely and make sure that delaware has a fair shot of being the headquarters for whatever comes out of had merger. >> chris couns was not happy and says it's a sad day for the state of delaware. >> if they are cutting back this deeply and making cuts this sharp and this painful, i worry about if they are committed to delaware for the long-term. >> and governor jack markell was deeply disappointed by this, especially the countless delawareans that helped them grow and success for generations. >> it doesn't just effect that it effects the businesses around here. >> we are told that the layoffs will come in phases and again it
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will be complete at the end of march and you can read the full memo sent out to employees at live tonight in wilmington, gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> you said it, a big blow there in wilmington. destructive weather continues across the nation today the national guard is called up after massive flooding, a river is 20 feet over flood stage and north of st. louis, the mississippi river spilled over a levee flooding the town of west alton. now, turning to the weather situation here work had heavy rain this morning and tonight we are just dealing with the clouds, behind us sky 6 hd looking at philadelphia international airport a ground delay remains in effect because of the overcast conditions, we check in with adam joseph on more on when this could clear
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out. >> yes, the system is now east of boston with all the precipitation in the form of rain, sleet and freezing rain and snow, most of that wintry mix is from the poconos to new england, we cleared out with respect to that and a lot of low lying clouds lagging behind the low and not going anywhere during the overnight hours, as we look at travel delays, 85 minutes in philadelphia but even worse up in newark at 146 minutes, but then you look at jfk and new york city as well as boston, zero delays to the north and so really it's localized now with the fog and also some of those low clouds. rainfall totals in philadelphia, close to an inch, during the overnight and early morning hours and .75 inch from the lehigh valley to trenton and wilmington and atlantic city, just a few tic as above the .75 mark. as we look at the temperatures we ran 8 to 10 degrees above
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normal in the lower 50. and now the warmth is starting to push to the south where it should be this time of year and as you look to the south and west, there is a big difference in temperatures, temperatures in the 30s and 20s and teens in bismark and that pulls its way to the south and east. ahead in the accuweather forecast. patchy fog still sticking around overnight tonight and more showers coming in at some point here on wednesday before we bring in and ring in a chilly change for 2016, we'll have the timing for the showers tomorrow and show you the numbers coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> you get the latest in the accuweather forecast any time at, you can view our series of radars, and track wet weather coming our way. >> the white chicago police officer charged in the fatal shooting of a black teenager went before a judge today. officer jason vandyke pled not guilty to murderer laquan
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mcdonald in 2013, the shooting called for police reform. and he says he fired in self-defense because mcdonald had a knife. and u.s. marshals captured the texas teen and his mom at the center of the so-called affluenza case. he was tracked down here in puerto vallarta, mexico, and that his mom used her truck to get him across the border, that is what he looked like before, this to avoid a probation violation for four drunk driving deaths. >> we suspected all along it happened and they planned to disappear that they even had something that was almost akin to a going away party before they left town. >> two years ago in juvenile
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court an expert testified he was coddled and did not know he was doing wrong when he was driving drunk. today in harrisburg, pennsylvania governor, tom wolf vetoed part of the $30 billion state budget plan but the budget is a record six months overdue and called out the republican lawmakers saying their proposal falls short and they need to come back to harrisburg and finish their jobs. >> i amex pressing the outrage that all of us pennsylvanians should feel that the republican leaders tried to dump on us. this budget is wrong for pennsylvania. the holidays are almost over and the year is almost coming to an end and folks choose to give
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back for different reasons, katherine scott has that story. >> reporter: the old could get new life at the junior league thrift shop in ardmore where proceed goes to community projects in the greater philadelphia area, they accept donations all year long but see a surge at year's end. >> it's a huge uptick at the end of the year. >> there are several reasons, clearing closets is one of them, i'm a teacher on vacation and i did a basement cleanout, and people want to get this card which is gold. >> that card is the receipt, scott daner an account in bala cynwyd says make sure you get one. he often talks to clients about charitable giving opportunities. >> make sure that the charity qualifies for tax exempt
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deductions, they are deductible in the year they are made. it must be this year and cards must be charged. >> that is a potent way and you can deduct it by charging it now and you don't have to pay for it until early next year. >> household furniture and clothing make a list and they have to be in good condition. >> they can't be torn or frayed. >> charitable giving has the tax benefits but that is not the sole reason that people do it. >> if i really wanted the cash or money but i like to donate especially this time of year. >> more more year end tax tips visit us at xg we have helpful links for you there. in ardmore, katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." for those of you that are working this week, now is the time it head home, lets get a
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check of the "action news" traffic report. lets go to matt pellman. >> as always i have things to give you guy, i think you'll like the first couple of bits of information, some of our major accidents this afternoon, have cleared out including the one that was closing down lincoln drive in both directions, all lanes are open and one other big accidents was 422 past limerick, that too has cleared but you are moving in a sluggish pace the whole way past trooper on past limerick this afternoon. and emergency construction here in northeast philadelphia, southbound lanes of the roosevelt boulevard approaching route 1, it's taking out the two right lanes. and we are getting word of a demonstration in north philadelphia, at broad and eerie, by the church's chicken look for congestion in that neck of the woods and north opening
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now at the burlington bristol bridge, it is up so head for the turnpike connecter, and electrical repairs in cinnaminson there by the dunkin' donuts and the vincent town diner a wreck that, and one at front and walnut street with a little normal southbound slowing along 95. monica and brian we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you. more to come on "action news" at 5:00 a new test will allow doctors to check a child for a concussion not long after they are injured, details ahead in health check. >> and a k-9 officer is laid to rest in south jersey today how the camden county police officer is remembering their belovebelo zero tonight. ok, we're here.
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on health check at 5:00, an alarming new stud yes shows an alarming number of people that overdose on opiate pain killers keep getting prescriptions for the drug, oddly enough from the
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same doctor that gave them the first prescription. they are coming from doctors and not illegal pill mills, doctors are unaware that their patients had an overdose. and flu around the area is fairly light but the philadelphia suburbs have the most confirmed cases in all of pennsylvania and doctors say it spreads quickly during and after the holidays when we are in contact with more people, if you have not gotten vaccinated yet you should do it, it takes two to four weeks for the vaccine to be fully effective, that is why it's important to get vaccinated as early as possible. to date most of this season's flu is type a that tends to make people more sick and cause more hospitalizations. we may soon be able to diagnose a concussion within minutes of an injury, people
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at -- health can detect mild concussions with a blood test, that is released in the blood stream when there is an injury. it's been 94% accurate in trials and developers hope it can be put in a test device analyze a drop of blood on the spot. >> you used to be able to get a point spot by the athletic directors and make a decision if the child should go back to play. right now the most accurate test is ct scans that you can't do at a game and diagnosing concussions in children is stricty because the signs are subtle. the north philadelphia hospital is closing doors come march 31st. st. joseph's hospital on jared and 31st is consolidated with st. joseph's hospital at eighth
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and girard. 675 people work at st. joseph's it was founded back in 1849 to care for irish immigrants flooding into philadelphia. his name was zero but he had immeasurable importance to the city of camden, and they are mourning the death of that k-9 today. they took zero from the police department to a local animal hospital, city officials said the dog died last night but it did not announce a cause, zero has more apprehensions than any k-9 in new jersey's history and was widely known as an ambassador for the camden police department.
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amazon said it added 3 million new members to its prime christmas service the first week in december, this new wave of members brings the total number to tens of millions according to amazon. they offer free two day shipping on most things and competition
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to rival next flix and christmas leave was the biggest day yet for deliveries for the prime now service that offers free two hour deliveries to more than 20 metropolitan areas. retail experts say spending at the holidays was up according to master card pulse report, spending nearly 8% more than last year and that happened in a traditional brick and mortar store but online went up 20% over last year. home prices climbed in the month of october and experts say that is due in part to a job market. due to tight inventories helps to fuel rising prices right now a fixed rate moved averaged 4%, making it cheaper to borrow for a home. and mortgage rates are close toward 6% and home values declined a 5% pace in 2015, the
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weightest place on earth is getting ready for its annual new years eve tradition, crews are testing the giant hershey's kiss that will be raised for 2016. it's raises at cocoa avenue in hershey, there is a live concert at night. and this year's singer is olivia holt. all of this fun at hershey is free of charge.
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board looking for a trace of sunshine. >> maybe in the new year, maybe a few peeks here tomorrow morning but anything but clear here now on sky 6 hd, as we look at the center city skyline. the cloud ceiling continues to lower a little bit with the atmosphere super saturated right now and areas of fog continuing to develop especially northeast and northwest of the city, a 2 mile in reading and 2.5234 the lehigh valley, and 4 miles in trenton and that has come up a bit in the last hour, 2.5 in toms river and better in the south and southern delaware and
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new jersey around 10 miles. temperatures are not too bad. 43 in reading and 53 in i'lling ton and 54 in millville, 54 in cape may, and some numbers running 10 degrees above normal. as we look at the eastern half of the country, a major down from the storm that pushed from the deep south to the great lakes and pulled into eastern canada, all the precipitation now off the coast, you see some areas of showers developing in the panhandle of florida, this kicks off to the north with a wave of energy that brings spotty showers here this time tomorrow, as we look at the accumulated rain with the storm that cut across the nation's heartland, anywhere in northern parts of arkansas and fayetteville, we are looking at 5 to 10 inches of rain and st. louis 2 to 5 inches of rain and major flooding occurred in this region and especially along the mississippi river in st. louis and they have not only dealing with flooding but
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breaking records when it comes to tornados we have seen in the lower 48 this month. we have seen 36 straight days of reported tornadoes, 72 reported torned, this is typical of what we see in november not december. as we look at the numbers tonight staying mild even though it's damp and chilly and 42 in millville and 37 in the lehigh valley and areas of fog. tomorrow morning areas of breaks of sun and temperatures in the 30s south and east and clouds take over tomorrow afternoon and by tomorrow evening, dealing with spotty showers with temperatures in the upper 50s, your five-day at 5:00 forecast, warm tomorrow and dry most of the day and evening showers at 56, sun and clouds for the last day of the year, so much brighter at 52 and brisk and chilly for the new year and windchills on friday and staying
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chilly on saturday and bright sun, and sunshine continuing on sunday of 45 degrees. at least four days of sunshine starting into the new year or even on new year's eve, we'll chat about the forecast as we stretch that out in the seven day. >> thank you sir. >> still to come on the next half hour of "action news" at 5:00, a man in delaware is arrest ford raping a 78-year-old woman and we'll explain how police were able to get in her home without breaking in and we'll follow the latest after the affluenza teen and his mom were detained in mexico and details on a farewell party for this pair. and an actor from glee arrested, the real life crime that police say he committed.
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good evening again rick is off tonight and here is what is happening on "action news," another hover board catched fire this time when it was still in the box at the mall. facebook creator are
5:30 pm
responding to the latest hoax popping up on news feeds what to look for to make sure you are not a victim of this latest scam. >> and we'll tell you where this mural will have a permanent home. and now the details, we are waiting to find out when america's most wanted teenager, ethan couch will return back to the united states. the so-called affluenza teen and his mom were captured in new mexico, he was wanted for violating probation after a drunk driving crash. >> reporter: ethan couch tried to evade authorities by dyeing his beard and hair black, but good police work foiled their plan, mexican officials tracked them down in puerto vallarta, a busy resort town this time of year. >> american people were prevalent everywhere, and they would be somewhere they would
5:31 pm
stick out. they were wise to go into this area. >> not only did the pair use tanya's pickup truck to cross the border they threw a party before hitting the road. >> we suspected they had planned to disappear, that they even had something akin to a going away party. >> couch was 16 when he killed four people driving drunk in 2013, he got only probation using the affluenza defense. employers argued that his privileged upbringing kept him from knowing right from wrong and this picture of him at a party surfaced. >> if we continue the maximum sentence he'll receive is 4 months of confinements, that is my opinion is not a sufficient
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punishment for the taking of four lives. >> authorities are requesting to move his case to adult court, his mother in the meantime is facing charges of hindering apprehension, that cars a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. and a jury in ohio decided not to charge two police officers in tamir rice's death. about 50 people here marched peacefully today and it came just hours after cleveland's mayor said they are taking steps to aleve the anger, 12-year-old rice was shot to death while holding a pellet gun and they will hold an administrative review of the shooting, coverage will continue for you on world news tonight with david muir, you can watch that following "action news" at 6:00. police in chester, delaware county, want to know who shot
5:33 pm
two people. neighbors heard gun fire and found one man shot to death and another man shot in the leg between two parked cars. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a deadly fire inside of a camper in townsend, delaware, it was at 6:00 near pine tree road, the victim suffered severe burns and possible smoke inhalation, he was pronounced dead at the scene. his identity is not yet released. a man is charged with laping a 78-year-old woman in her rehoboth beach home, david elder attacked the woman reportedly elder knew the victim and was able to enter her home with a key, after he left the house the victim called elder's wife because she knew the family and while the two were on the phone elder returned back his wife reportedly ran out of the house herself and called police.
5:34 pm
elder was arrested and charged with rape. in the race for the white house today, donald trump says he is ready to spend big in states for the early primaries, the frontrunner continues to attack former president, bill clinton, pointing to the former president's affair with intern monica lewinsky, saying he has a pattern of quote, abuse of women. secret service says a man will not be charged after a man flew a drone close to president obama motorcade in hawaii. time to get a check of the traffic scene and see how folks are moving along. >> matt pellman is standing by and has an update for us on how the commute looks for us now. >> i sure do, good evening, we are live along the roosevelt
5:35 pm
blood, a northbound accidents pushed to the side, you can see it there on the top of the screen right there on the off ramp to fox street, northbound a little bit extra slow from this busy spot from the schuylkill to broad street. farther north. but southbound approaching wood haven look for the construction out there blocking the inner drive. an accident southhampton, at willow grove, and watch for a crash at 611, and an earlier accident near limerick and that is gone but one near pottstown near 100. speeds in the 20s at that scene and delco a wreck that brought down poles and some wires at spring road that will take time to clean up. a crash on 295 in burlington
5:36 pm
county approaching 38 speeds in the teens there and cinnaminson repairs past riverton road. monica and brian back to you. >> thank you. well, history is coming to life through art, a muralist is using her parent brush to recreate the battle of trenton as part of patriots week, nora muchanic explains how this is an interactive experience. >> you don't get to watch artists as they work. but adrian is creating a painting featuring the battle of trenton a turning point in the revolution. >> murals are perfect for me and i like to interact with the public and they watch me paint on the wall, in this particular case i'm painting on the mural fabric that will go and be put
5:37 pm
up on an exterior wall. >> barber began her mural at a pop-up studio on state street and finishing up at the state museum, she is careful about details, making sure it accurately reflected colonial history. >> i lettered a lot of history. >> and it's interesting to see it and the pieces that come in and how she is working on it in public and answering questions for people and seeing it develop and knowing it will be there forever as a mural. >> it will go on a wall by a cemetery at east presbyterian church on first street. it's sponsored by the trenton downtown association and including the reenactment of washington crossing the delaware on christmas and other activities recalling the city's pivotal role in the american revolution. >> and still to come on a tuesday night, we are hearing
5:38 pm
the 911 calls after a boy scout leader was attacked by a bear in new jersey. >> plus, the latest on the search for a missing country singer and a message from his family. it's a very warm month but we are tracking cooler air moving into the midwest and deep south and moving our way for the new year. >> lfrt those stories and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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air strikes against icy appear to be working, a u.s. official says that 10 islamic state leaders are killed in the last month, some are linked with the paris attackers. and the strikes are mostly carried out in iraq or syria by drones. meanwhile the search continues for country singer, craig string strickland, he has not been seen since he and his friend took a boat out during a storm, the boat has been found and so has his friend's body. strickland is the lead singer of back road anthem, his family is holding out hope that he is
5:42 pm
still alive. officials in new jersey released the 11 calls earlier this month after a bear attacked a boy scout leader. >> the bear is on top of him. >> yes, i think so. >> i'm sorry about all of this. he pulls me -- >> listen there is nothing to be sorry about lets get you taken care of. >> he was piking with the scouts including his own son, he entered a cave and that is when the bear attacks, the scouts tried to lure the bear away with food and he finally got away by hitting him with a rock. there has been yet another report of a hover board catching fire this time when it was still in a box in a mall some texas, smoke started coming from the box and shoppers were evacuated. security guards used a fire extinguisher to put it out.
5:43 pm
there are many others including this one in lacey township, new jersey. mark sailing is charged with possession of child pornography, he played noah puckerman on glee, the crimes force served a search warrant at his house and ep has not commented on the charges. >> ducis is here and the eagles play the giants sunday and should be a big game. but not so much. >> once the game is done, the fun stuff, the speculation begins, the season is already over, but that doesn't mean the eagles don't have to play a game, they visit the giants a team facing the same situation, and chip kelly believes in his team and expects them to play hard on sunday, the birds say the preparations remain the same. >> in my sense, i approach every
5:44 pm
game with the utmost importance and they have a great defense, we are only guaranteed 16 games each year. >> it's obviously different but there are a lot of things that are the same, we are going out to play an nfl opponent and still have to practice and prepare and there is a grown man out there trying to beat you have to be ready to go. >> despite having legitimate stars, it's defense is far too inconsistent down the stretch, the eagles have surrendered 38 points or more. and they are ranked 30th in yard as lowed. >> you talk about job security, your job is on the line every week, as an nfl coach every week it's on the line, you see the firings from head coach to cord narts all through the season, there is never a day or weeks that you don't think your job is
5:45 pm
on the line, that is why we put the hours in we do, it's a big boy business and part of the deal, and the other way to stop the conversation about your job security is to win more games. >> well said. >> to college basketball, temple basketball had a so so year, win one lose one, and now a win over the cincinnati bear cats. ever seen a real bear cat? why would they bring that thing indoors. >> cool. >> not cool. they take advantage, and cody has emerged as a leader, he scored a team high 19 and a 2 point temple lead and daniel dingle, a season high 14 off the bench and the owls up end cincy 79-70. and matt rule picked up another honor, the tri-state coach of the year, he led the
5:46 pm
owls to a 10 win regular season and he will be presented with the award at a gala in mid-march. i had a teacher that said don't fill the church, i don't know what that means, i know don't fill the win column either, the sixers almost close to beating the jazz and tied with under a minute to go, the sixers held a two point lead but gordon heyward, afterwards said he was surprised he was that far open, and he scored 24 points, the sixers got a shot down by 2 and smith missed when it counted most, the sixers lost 94-91. they are at sacramento tomorrow. >> almost don't fill the church. >> go ahead and google that one. thank you ducis, still ahead on "action news" if you use sprint or verizon, you could have money
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coming your way, but time is running out. >> meteorologist, adam joseph, has your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast including the all important new years eve when we come back. it's the holidays, which means a house full of people, who all want to get online. so hurry and get verizon fios. only fios has the fastest internet and wi-fi available, with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, for only $79.99 a month online, you get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for your first year. plus, with a 2-year agreement, fios gives you $400 back, and all the premium movie channels for a year. so go online or call now for this great offer. get out of the past. get fios.
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another facebook hoax has gone viral, the company is setting the record straight
5:50 pm
tonight, the hoax falsie credits "good morning america" say that mark zuckerberg is getting awave $4.5 million of facebook stock all you have to do is repost the message, zuckerberg responds on facebook, saying no this is not true. >> and they are increasing their efforts to find and delete hoaxes, look for a blue check mark next to the company's name that means it's been verified. time is running out for customers to get back money from verizon or sprint. the activity known as cramming both carrier as agreed to pay out $158 million, to get the money you need to file a claim and we have the link for both companies on all right adam is here, we
5:51 pm
have to warm up again before we cool off later, a roller coaster. >> as we go into the new year the pattern will turn to more seasonable averages but sunny as well. so some good changes as well. double scan live radar, that is long gone at lunch time, we are dealing with the low lying clouds and some fog, and today's high temperatures, depepding on your location of how warm it was, 52 in allentown and work your way to the south, warmer in wilmington at 52 degrees and atlantic city hit 52 this afterno afternoon, low to mid-50s and another round of mainly rain with this last event and temperatures still too warm to try to make any snow.
5:52 pm
and in new england, they hit the jackpot this go around, especially in northern new england and the higher terrain, they picked up a few inches, a half foot of snowfall, that is all beginning to push with the clouds lagging behind and stubborn to break tonight and much of the day tomorrow, a lot of clouds once again tonight, fog around, 37 to 44 degrees with a light northwesterly wind and early tomorrow morning, fog in the morning and we try to break for sunshine at times but it wouldn't last long, 30s at 8:00 a.m., 46 in philadelphia and 50s down to the south, new clouds arrive from the south, on wednesday and a few spitting showers here and there, but mild in the mid to upper 50s, and tomorrow evening at 9:00, we are dealing with spotty showers passing through as a weak area of low pressure works its way to the south, beyond that as we go into the new year, winds of
5:53 pm
change will arrive and winds funnel out of the west northwesterly direction, we call it chilly because the 46 will feel like the 30s into new years day, that is still average for this time of year, and we are not used to numbers or windchills this go around in the month of december, as we look at future tracker windchills if are you out and about on new years day, the mummers 38 degrees, that is what it feels like in philadelphia, and 38 in allentown and wilmington a chilly start to the new year. the exclusive accuweather forecast, evening showers tomorrow 56 degrees, and round out the year 52 and more in the way of sunshine and then as we ring in the new year at midnight, temperatures still near 40 degrees under partly cloudy skies and there is that 46 on friday, but feeling like the 30s, but sunshine sticks around for the forecast from the weekend into the beginning of
5:54 pm
next westbound, finally we see the sun and temperatures seasonable for this time of year, in the lower and middle 40s with overnight lows around the freezing point so really no big blasts of arctic air and no snow into the new year, as it's looking right now. >> thank you sir, you can take "action news" with you anywhere you are. and watch your favorite show apps.
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5:56 pm
authorities in central california are keeping their eyes on this guy, a stubborn elephant seal, the mammal tries to cross the highway here in sonoma county, they say she might be getting to the dry side on the other side because she is about to give birth and now she is swimming off in the bay and staying off of dry land. >> 500 pounds my goodness.
5:57 pm
next at 6:00, a 6 month budget battle in harrisburg wages on as governor wolf releases funds for schools. and she has a story to tell when she grows up, they couldn't get to the hospital in time and mom delivers the baby in her car. i have all the details coming up on "action news." >> for cecily tynan, jaime apody, brian taff, and rick williams, i'm monica malpass join me next for "action news" at 6:00.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist cecily tynan, and jim gardner. tuesday night and jim is off and i'm monica malpass in the news dupont announces hundreds of job cuts for delaware employees and construction may soon begin on a memorial park on the site of this center city building collapse. but the big story is another budget veto by governor tom wolf, he scolded lawmakers saying they left for the holidays without doing their jobs but in the meantime wolf released millions in funds to keep the schools and emergency programs running. john rawlins is live with the story tonight. >> reporter: well, the release of the funds to the cash strapped schools and social service agencies, first gop
6:00 pm
praised him and then chided the governor for not doing it sooner, that is okay because the governor had his own bone to pick with the gop. >> i am releasing money to let the schools stay open. >> good news that saw funding dry up during the stalemate, it has signalled it might close next month if the governor did not decide to open the money taps. >> in the short-term, this allows us to move beyond january 29th into later into the year and that removes the deadline, as for the actual budget fight, the normally soft spoken governor came out swinging against the budget that the legislate your sent him last week. >> i am expressing the outrage that all of us pennsylvanians should feel over the garbage that the legislative leaders tried to dump on us. this budget is wrong for pennsylvania and i'll exercise my


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